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Every strategic media plan starts with a careful examination of the client's overall marketing and communications goals. Market research is integrated into all media planning with no data service or resource left untapped to make sure media plans are as efficient and effective as possible.

We consider the research, client goals, and market conditions and craft a targeted plan that considers seasonality, creative media units, opportunistic media offers, and available inventory


We then construct the plan, layering in added-value, non-traditional media and lifestyle marketing to reach audiences, not only where they expect to find messages, but also where they are living their day-to-day lives.

Press Releases are a natural extension of any good marketing campaign. Press Releases give local and regional press and other media a good reason to print or report positive current events happening in your company’s life.


Good Public Relations helps the possibility of placing free mentions and stories about your company in otherwise paid media. What’s more important is that this “free mention” is worth 10 times what paid advertising's value is to increase the reputation of your brand.

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