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Digital social media

Social Media Marketing is a complex dialogue among consumers – to be successful, brands need to stop thinking about campaigns and start generating conversations with the right audience at the right time.

The key to creating a successful social media marketing strategy is understanding what your consumers are doing and how they are choosing to intersect with your business.  This knowledge allows you to create social maps that encourage ongoing conversations and maximize engagement with your brand.

CMS Group connects brands with their consumers by building relationships, fostering communities, reaching influencers, and creating meaningful, engaging content that delivers a holistic brand experience.

Social Media Marketing is not an advertising channel, even though ads can be placed on social media on the right channel at the right time.  It is an interaction with your current and potential customers.  At CMS Group, we have created numerous social media promotions to drive customers online through the doors of your casino.

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It is not about having a large audience of followers and people that “like” your page.  It is about having the right people follow you and like your page.

At CMS Group, we have the tools and resources to analyze your database of followers from your social media channels and provide a full report on the demographics of your followers including age, gender, location, etc. and match that data with your player database.

Social Media Marketing: List
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Understand competitive strategies

Where is your competitor socially engaging

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Social Media compliment your brand

Is your social media engagements complimenting your brand and your strategies

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Does your Social Engagement fit your Plan

When, Where, How, Who all the questions that need to be answered for your Social Marketing strategy to take structure.


Promotions Specific to your Social Media Audience

Create specific promotions around just your social media audience

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Relationships and Community Interaction

Who are your current customers, your target audiences, and the people that interact with your brand directly and indirectly?  Bring your Brand to Life.

Social Media Marketing: List
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