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In the Casino and Hospitality industries, Data Analytics is one of the best ways to Understand Your Customers, Target Markets, and Potential Markets

In today's casino and hospitality businesses, data is king! The casino and hospitality industries are overflowing with untapped potential.  Some businesses have a difficult time fulfilling a data analysis position.  

Competition is getting tougher and tougher.  Some businesses have a team of analysts.   At CMS Group, we provide management and marketing teams with monthly analytics and reporting that drills down into the details of your most valuable data.  We provide a one-sheet executive summary highlighting the hidden potential this data reveals and provide action items to build a better engagement with your current and potential customers.

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The following data analytics dashboards and graphs can be automated and accessed through a secured web page for the management and marketing team to access.  All reporting and information is provided in real-time.  Below are a sample of the reports we provide.  We can custom design reports and analytics for your business.

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Successful marketing is about reaching a constomer with an interesting offer when he or she is primed to accept that offer. Knowing what might interest a patron is half the battle to building a loyal customer, and this is where customer intelligence and predictive analytics comes in. Customer analytics has evolved from simply reporting customer  behavior to segmenting customers based on their profitability to predicting that profitability, to improving those predictions, to actually manipulating customer behavior with target-specific promotional offers and marketing campaigns.

Predictive modeling is only useful if it is deployed and it creates an action. Taking advantage of the more powerful, statistically based segmentation methods, customers can be segmented not only on dollar values but also on all known information, which can include behavioral information gleaned from resort activities, as well as the patron’s simple demographic information. This more detailed segmentation allows for more targeted and customer-focused marketing campaigns. Models can be evaluated and reports generated on multiple statistical measures, such as neural networks, decision trees, genetic algorithms, the nearest neighbor method, rule induction, and lift and gains charts.

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