The team at CMS Group has decades of experience in the casino and hospitality industries.  The team at CMS Group is very diverse and is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in regulation, human resources, marketing, operations, hotel, food & beverage, IT, finance and entertainment.  The team at CMS Group understands the business from the ground up.  Most of the professionals at CMS Group started out in entry level positions and worked up the corporate ladder to executive level positions throughout their careers. CMS Group has successful ventures in developing and operating resorts, casinos and hospitality businesses throughout North America and in Europe. At CMS Group we are very diverse in our disciplines providing a full perspective on the business.

  • Asset Management

  • Hotel Yield Management

  • Efficiency Analysis

  • Organizational Structure

  • Secret Shopper Programs / Training

  • Budget Analysis /  Capital Expenditure Budgets

  • Spa Operations

  • Pre-Opening

  • Casino Game Mix / Floor Optimization

  • Online Gaming Operations & Management

  • Slot Operations

  • Table Games Operations



CMS Group is an established and respected team in the gaming and hospitality industries. \nWe provide the experience\nand processes for strategic growth with your operations and create a\ncompetitive advantage.


At CMS Group we develop and execute strategies and operations that ensures long-term success, even before construction begins.  Our master planning process provides for strategic growth based on proven market demand that allows your business to maintain a competitive advantage


At CMS Group, we have proven strategies to optimize revenues and\nbottom-line profitability across all departments.  Our proprietary systems (which include demand forecasting, labor assessment, predictive\nmodeling and marketing\n reinvestment—to name just a few areas) are designed to maximize the profitability of your operations.


CMS Group takes extreme pride in its team members - whether directly employed or managed - and the places the training and education of our team are a top priority.   Our leadership works with your team members to execute a winning strategy.


We've developed innovative proprietary systems for each of the key sectors of your business, including finance, marketing, labor management, gaming, food and beverage, hotel operations and entertainment.


It is our main focus to be continually updated in all policies and regulations of each jurisdiction that we do business.  CMS Group is a partner to the agencies and the enforcement of the approved policies and regulations of each jursidiction.



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