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In the casino and hospitality industries, making sure your IT department is compliant and is operating efficiently can save a lot of time, labor, stress, and most of all money. 

Staffing & Vendors Assessment
  • Within your casino or hospitality business, CMS Group IT Assessment will evaluate current staff strengths and areas for improvement.  This is NOT intended to be an evaluation of the performance of individual employees, rather it is an assessment of the capabilities of the IT staff as a whole in order to identify potential opportunities for raising the level of support from IT to the business.  Make recommendations for additional staffing and identify cross-training opportunities, which will enhance job satisfaction and employee retention.

  • We will evaluate the current primary IT Vendors and Partners.  This is the group that does most of the selling into your IT organization.  We will identify opportunities to improve the purchasing and procurement process and make recommendations that will help to optimize your buying power.

  • We provide Telecom Assessment.  We routinely identify significant savings (in some cases, up to 50%) available by simply renegotiating agreements with your current providers. 


The assessments we’ve examined up to now directly impact how “healthy” your casino and hospitality business is relative to the regulatory environment within which you must operate.  Whether Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, State Gaming Regulations, Tribal Gaming Regulations, or HIPPA, we have the experience and expertise to evaluate the current environment and provide recommendations to improve.  If you need assistance with creating or updating any of these internal controls or compliance documents, we have the tools and the experts available to help.

Systems Assessment

CMS Group IT Assessment will evaluate the current state of the Technology Infrastructure; Network electronics, physical servers, storage, backup and restore capabilities, and the desktop and mobile environments.  Our assessment checks for missing critical updates, security patches, infosec best practices, end-of-life equipment, and capacity to keep pace with growth.  Our assessment also checks database health.  Evaluate the on-premises and cloud environments (if applicable).  We often find small items that can be remedied by your IT team very quickly with no additional involvement from us (or any vendor). We will make recommendations for capacity planning and budgeting for improvements and help establish a timetable for recommended changes to account for system uptime requirements, lifecycle, and roadmaps.

Operations Assessment

Operations assessment allows you to get a very detailed understanding of exactly how your IT organization goes about the business of supporting your casino and hospitality business.  We will assess current documentation of all operational procedures including backup of critical systems, file restoration and testing, the checklists used daily by the IT staff, as well as scheduling of testing, upgrades, and staffing.  We will make recommendations about where changes can be made, often without increasing FTE headcount, to improve efficiency and increase the “customer satisfaction” rating the IT gets from the rest of the business.

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