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At CMS Group, we put together a variety of shows and special events that can be placed in any size room and fit any size budget, large or small.   

Below are a few of the production shows and special events we provide.  We provide many other shows and events; from customized golf tournaments to customized VIP Parties both for small and large audiences.  At CMS Group we customize the shows and special events for your brand and for your audience.  Contact us to discuss your next unforgettable event.

Production Shows



A one-of-a-kind night of entertainment.  An immersive comedy show!  The audience actively participates in all the festivities.  Everyone is a welcomed guest at the ceremony and the reception.  There's real food, real dancing, real mingling with the cast of loveable characters, and most of all real laughs and real memories!

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Tango Buenos Aires is a fully loaded dance, music and tango spectacular captivating audiences.  This dynamic show is sophisticated as it is sexy!  Buenos Aires holds audiences spellbound and leaves them longing for more!

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Artrageous! is a complete interactive art and music experience.  The show is filled with music and images.  The audience has a chance to be part of the painting experience!  Experience the thrill of giant masterpieces created before your eyes in mere moments.  All done to great music that will have your audience dancing.

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Your audience witnesses a murder at a party and has to solve who is the murderer.  To obtain clues to the murder, your guests will go on a scavenger hunt throughout your property, engage in tournament games to obtain chips and credits to buy clues - or use chips and credits to bribe the characters!  It is ongoing excitement!

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Finnegan's Farewell features the best of Irish Dancing, music and singing!  Come to an authentic Irish wake and bay your last respects to the dearly depart and beloved Patrick Finnegan.  Your audience be treated to a dinner theater with eulogies, sing alongs and a missing corpse!

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Follies Magnifique brings the timeless musical extravaganza that embodies the very essence of sexy, classic showgirl entertainment.  Follies has everything a great entertainment show should have, including fabulous singing, dancing, gorgeous showgirls,comedy and sheer spectacle

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